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By attending this free interactive workshop, you will learn how to achieve full lab connectivity, whether you have an automated, completely manual or hybrid workflow.

During this workshop, you will gain deep insights into how you can rapidly adapt your lab by integrating the latest technological developments seamlessly into your workflows. Participants will have access to live case study examples, ask questions in real-time and interact throughout the session.

This virtual workshop is only accessible to those working within or around a lab environment from pharmaceutical companies, cell biology companies, sample management service providers, biotech organisations and CROs.

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Leading experts will explore and unveil the impact of lab connectivity on the below topics via live demos, case study examples and interactivity. Participants are able to ask questions and interact throughout the workshop.

  • Real-time scheduling, simulation, analysis and reporting:
    • Orders
    • Protocols 
    • Sampling and testing
    • Sample distribution
    • Resource functionality
    • Lab queues and shelving 
    • Diagnostic management
  • Enhancing automation and robotics 
  • Interoperability with legacy systems through open architecture and APIs
  • Supporting and ensuring FAIR data and regulatory compliance
  • Real-time visualisation and analysis of meta data to enhance decision making including predictive decision making
  • Device and system predictive value maintenance to manage efficiencies and improve reliability  
  • Dynamic process, workflow and software learning to problem solve 
  • Effectively managing downtime / wait times through efficient sample distribution 
  • Scheduler to schedule work – this dynamic software will look across all your resources and identify solutions



    What are your top pain points regarding full integration of your laboratory workflows?

    Which software do you currently use for your laboratory processes?

    How familiar are you with laboratory operations software? (1 to 5, where 1 is not at all familiar and 5 is complete familiarity)

    Do you have any questions for our experts?




    Participants are able to ask questions and interact throughout the workshop. 

    09:00 (EST), 14:00 (UK Time) Introduction and welcome by Victoria Rees, Editor, Drug Target Review 

    09:05 (EST), 14:05 (UK Time) – Increasing lab productivity

    Allison Halleck, Applications Engineering Manager, HighRes Biosolutions
    Allison will bring to this session over a decade of experience at the Harvard Medical School Department of Biological Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology and later at the Harvard University Catalyst Laboratory for Innovative Translational Technologies.

    09:45 (EST), 14:45 (UK Time) – Interoperability and integration


    Michael Hopkins, Integrations Project Manager, HighRes Biosolutions
    Michael is currently responsible for continuous improvement to Cellario and Cellario Cloud. Before becoming Product Manager, Michael led the software team that developed Cellario Order Broker and integrated many software applications with Cellario, such as LabDroid and various Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) and Electronic Laboratory Notebooks (ELN). 

    10:25 (EST), 15:25 (UK Time) – Propel your science – cloud-based functionality

    Ira Hoffman, Chief Executive Officer, HighRes Biosolutions 
    Ira will bring to this workshop a wide range of robotic and automation experience spanning biotechnology and biopharmaceuticals. He has led teams that successfully developed robotic hardware for people with limited mobility, ultra-high-throughput sample screening, enterprise data warehousing, chemical analytics and automated quality control monitoring in real time. 

    11:05 (EST), 16:05 (UK Time) – End 

    This exclusive workshop is brought to you by Drug Target Review and is supported by HighRes Biosolutions. 

    Drug Target Review is the essential resource for researchers and scientific leaders in drug discovery and early-phase therapeutic development. We provide a voice for the drug discovery industry, promoting the most recent research, developments and cutting-edge technological progression, ensuring that the pharmaceutical and life science community are kept up-to-date with the latest advancements.

    HighRes Biosolutions believes in a future where scientists and robots work together. Our laboratory automation systems and devices provide you with the ability to scale and reconfigure automation systems as technologies change. These systems let scientists focus on what they do best, driving discoveries and improving human health. Our commitment to robust product design, rigorous process controls, continuous improvement and teamwork is how we take you there.

    Cellario™ seamlessly integrates all individual devices and software within your laboratory, regardless of the vendor or format, allowing you to concentrate on selecting and implementing the best possible technologies to accelerate any workflow. Cellario intuitively connects operators with instrumentation and informatics while immediately adapting and re-adapting to your science, your technology and your organisation – wherever in the world you may be.